Virtual Events

Unlike most events pages, ours is dedicated primarily to events which have already taken place! Why? Because we see one of our primary aims as helping diaspora translators to benefit from the events they are unable to attend in person. Here on this page we will collate links to video/audio recordings and write-ups; together, these will be an easily-accessible source of inspiration for those in far-flung locations. This page is still in development and will be added to, concentrating on the very latest events or key ones from the last couple of years. At the moment it primarily consists of events in the UK publishing scene, but  we would like to encourage all our members to alert us to recordings from other English language events. Thank you!

BCLT (British Centre for Literary Translation)
2017 Sebald Lecture by Michael Longley CBE on YouTube and SoundCloud.
2016 Sebald Lecture by Roger McGough CBE on SoundCloud.
2015 Sebald Lecture by A L Kennedy and audience questions on SoundCloud, and the full manuscript here on
YouTube channel with other Sebald Lectures and Summer School seminars BCLT SoundCloud stream

The Literary Translation Centre at the London Book Fair
2017 YouTube playlist
2016 YouTube playlist
2015 YouTube playlist
2014 YouTube playlist
2013 YouTube playlist
2012 YouTube playlist

Writers’ Centre Norwich
Highlight: Living translation: A National Conversation Event with Ali Smith (Dec., 2014). YouTube channel, including Worlds Literature Festival 2014

Free Word Centre
Audio recordings from 2016 International Translation Day.
Translator contracts explained (January 2016)
Highlight:  In Praise of Translation, podcast of the panel discussion at Asymptote’s fourth anniversary celebration in January 2015.
And from 2014, a podcast of International Translation Day’s opening session on ‘Continuing Professional Development for Translators’ Plus notes on the individual ITD 2014 seminars here.
Translation in Play and Practice, a podcast from Asymptote’s third anniversary celebration.
A translation slam  between translators from Spanish, Rosalind Harvey and Ollie Brock. A discussion on reviewing translation, with translator Daniel Hahn and Guardian books editor Claire Armitstead. And there’s much, much more to be found on their SoundCloud feed.

London Review Bookshop
Highlight: World Literature Events – podcast of ‘Live translation with Eduardo Halfon, Ollie Brock, Thomas Bunstead and Daniel Hahn’.
Highlight: World Literature Events – podcast of ‘Anthea Bell in conversation with Daniel Hahn’
Highlight: World Literature Events – podcast of ‘An Evening with Masatsugu Ono and Tash Aw.’

eCPD webinars 60-90 minute presentations on creative and literary translation. There is a fee to stream these (they stay on your device for 90 days), but it is a highly recommended resource. More coming soon!


One thought on “Virtual Events

  1. lolarusa says:

    Living in Seattle, thousands of miles from the center of US publishing in New York, I, too, am very happy to find your website. What a useful idea. Thanks.


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